Thursday, November 17, 2011

Youtube Changes their Theme

So since I'm a youtube addict, I spend a lot of my time watching random youtube videos.

Today, while searching for a Pink Floyd song, I noticed that the youtube theme has changed (quite observant, eh?) ... well it's kinda hard to miss.
I think they're trying to fit it more with the "Google+" concept?

The favicon has also changed:

I'm so eager to see people's reactions to these modifications since it appears that many internet users fear change (let us all remember the 'bring back the old facebook' campaigns we see each time facebook alters anything, even as trivial as the font size)

Cheers for now ... i'll go back to enjoying Pink Floyd songs now :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Enjoy the Spaghetti You Sewage Rats!

So I decided to cook today ... nothing fancy, just some macaroni and cheese.

While trying to drain the water out, my hand slipped ... I saw the spaghetti slithering their way through the sink.
A whole dish of perfectly cooked macaroni going down the drain (literally)...what a sight!

I hope you enjoy my spaghetti you stinkin' sewage rats!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Woooo! First Blog Post!!

Robert Stolarik for The New York Times,  Lousy Photoshop: Charles El-Mir Protestors gathered in lower Manhattan for what they called a Day of Action Against Charles's No Blog Status.

"For months the protesters had planned to descend and occupy part of the streets as an expression of anger"  -- NY Times

Things have started to escalate; I should do something about that before it turns into a riot.

Therefore ... due to popular demand, I have finally decided to start my very own blog.

Now, I'm pretty sure my blog won't be as artistic as my awesome sister's blog nor as inspiring as my other awesome sister's blog. Perhaps the only thing we might have in common (besides the 'elmir' part in the URL), is that I would most probably forget about it in a few weeks and leave it un-updated (Yeah, latshe).
My blog will also not be featuring "Dear diary" entries (you know yourself).

I'll keep you with that first post until I figure out what I'm gonna be writing in this space.

To my blog readers, welcome ... grab a pizza while you're at it.
To my stalker (that's you, mum) ... where's the pizza?

So now that I have taken the first step and started the blog, perhaps protesters can focus on other equally important stuff like, say ... word peace.

Charles El-Mir for The Whatsapp Running on The Samsung Galaxy S (sarl)
PS: Myra, I need some simple design for this thing please *rolls eyes*